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The MedPlus is a medical software company managed by Group sponte, I worked many years in the company with design.

When I came to this project, I knew exactly the customer needs to have a greater visual appeal, with people because it is basically a company that sells Internet and telephone.

This was bought about 20 images from a database of photos from the internet, to animate all the banners for all sections of the site.

The great advantage of this project was verficação browser / flash which replaces the banner for a static banner letting everyone viewing the site. (iPad, iPhone).

The html + css was created by me and subsequently implemented in the administration of them, Evandro Machado.

* Special thanks to Reginaldo Silva and Halex Bombieri for the opportunity to I be part of this project.

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    MedPlus - Sistemas Médicos

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    Pato Branco - PR - Brasil

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